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Despite the professional diversity, our pharmacy staff perform a mix of the following tasks while on the job. Items appear roughly in the order of how much time pharmacy spend doing them.

Pharmacist Everyday Responsibilities

1. Dispense Prescriptions
2. Communicate With Prescribers
3. Ensure Patients’ Safety
4. Counsel Patients
5. Work With Patients on General Health
6. Deal With Insurance Companies
7. Work With Patients on General Health
8. Manage Pharmacy Staff


Pharmacy Technician Everyday Responsibilities

The daily duties of a pharmacy technician can be broken down into three main categories.

Customer Service Duties

  • Providing customer service in-person and over the phone
  • Delivering medications at the counter and processing payments
  • Speaking with doctors’ offices over the phone
  • Assisting patients with insurance forms
  • Connecting patients to pharmacists if they have any extra questions or concerns

Administrative Duties

  • Organizing pharmacy inventory
  • Updating patients’ medical records
  • Data entry

Prescription Fulfillment and Processing

  • Measuring, mixing, and labeling medication dosages
  • Under the supervision of the pharmacist, dispensing prescription and over-the-counter medications to patients
  • Collecting insurance and other information necessary to distribute prescriptions
  • Repackaging prescriptions

Services Distribution

Patient Care

  • Dispense Prescriptions
  • Communicate With Prescribers
  • Ensure Patients' Safety
  • Counsel Patients


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